10 Best Tourist Spots in Bangkok 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bangkok You Should Visit

Go on a vacation might be one of the best ways to escape for a while from your daily routines. You can go on vacation to various destinations these days. One of the most famous destinations for vacation these days is Bangkok. Bangkok is considered as one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. There are various places to visit in Bangkok that offer various attractions. This article will give you a quick look about these places.

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1. Wat Traimit

Bangkok is a city that is known for its culture. There are various temples that you can find in this city. These temples came with very unique design and very beautiful shape. One of the most famous temples that you can visit in Bangkok is Wat Traimit Temple. This temple is located at the Chinatown area of Bangkok. The most popular thing about this temple is its golden Buddha Image. This image height is more than ten feet and its weight more than five tons. This image’s age is about nine hundred years old. In 1957, the image was slipped from crane when it was moved. Due to this incident, the statue was discovered made of pure gold. The Wat Traimit temple itself is considered built in the early thirteenth scentury.

2. Dusit Palace

Other great place that you can visit during your vacation in Bangkok is Dusit Palace. This palace is considered as one of the most interesting Bangkok tourist attractions that you can find in this city. This palace is constructed between 1897 and 1901. The construction came in European style and it was constructed for King Rama V. the most notable building in this palace is built by using the golden teak wood and it’s called Vimanmek Mansion. This mansion is considered as the largest wooden mansion in the world. This mansion consists of throne room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and 31 exhibition rooms.

3. Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is one of the most famous parks in Bangkok. This is a perfect spot for those of you who want to find peace in the middle of this city. In this park you can do various things from stroll paths, sit and relax, or even ride a paddle boat. Lumphini Park is a perfect place for family who want to spend time in the morning together.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Local people called this market JJ Market. It’s the most popular traditional market in Bangkok. Some people even said that this market is the largest weekend market, not only in Bangkok but also in the world. There are more than eight thousand stalls in this market that offer various goods from clothes, furniture, even to antiques. You also can find various restaurants and entertainment such as live music or dancing in this market as well. If you want to find traditional goods from Thailand, this market is definitely a perfect place for you.

5. Khao San Road

Basically, Khao San Road is a small sized road that is located near Chao Phraya River. This area is known as the famous place for the backpackers to hangout. You can find various choices of cheap accommodation in this area from 3-star hotels to dorm style hostels. You also can find food stalls, bars, convenience stores, restaurants, travel agencies, and internet cafes in this area as well. if you came to Bangkok as a backpacker, you can stay at this area and meet other backpackers who might share the same interests as you.

6. Jim Thompson’s House

This house is considered as one of the most popular and the most historical houses in Bangkok. This is the house of Jim Thompson, the CIA operative who revitalized the silk industry in Thailand after World War II. This house is the combination of six houses with traditional Thai style. Thompson is also known as the collector of art that came from Southeast Asia. If you want to visit this house, you better hire a tour guide so that you can get any information that you need about this historical site.

7. Wat Arun

Other famous temple that you can find in Bangkok is Wat Arun. This temple is located near the Chao Phraya River on the Thonburi side. The name of this temple means Temple of Dawn. This temple is known as one of the oldest tourist attractions in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. The architectural design of this temple is the representation of Mount Meru. Mount Meru is the center of the universe based on Buddhist cosmology. The best time to visit this temple is in the evening when the sun sets behind the temple and create the greatest views.

8. CentralWorld

Even though the main attractions in Bangkok are its cultural sites, this city also has tourist attractions that came in modern concept as well. One of the modern tourist attractions that you can find in this city is CentralWorld. CentralWorld is claimed as middle class shopping center. It was opened in 1990 and it’s an eight-story building. If you’re looking for fashion items or accessories with quite affordable price, CentralWorld is definitely a place that you should visit.

9. Wat Pho

Wat Pho might be one of the most famous temples in Bangkok. This temple became very famous due to its Reclining Buddha statue that came in very huge size. Wat Pho is also considered as one of the biggest temples that you can find in Bangkok. This temple is also one of the oldest temples in Bangkok as well. Besides it has the biggest Reclining Buddha statue, Wat Pho is also known for its largest number of Buddha statue in Thailand. The Reclining Buddha statue is gold-plated and it’s 15 meters high and 46 meters long.

10. Grand Palace

Grand Palace is considered as the most famous tourist attraction in Bangkok. It was built in 1782 as the residence for Kings of Thailand. However, when King Ananda Mahidol died in 1946, his successor, King Bhumibol Adulyadej moved to Chitralada Palace. In this area you also can find Wat Phra Kaew. Wat Phra Kaew is known as the most sacred temple in Bangkok. This temple is also known as the home for Emerald Buddha as well.

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