10 Best Tourist Spots in France 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

Best Tourist Attractions in France 2018

If you think about 10 best places to visit in France, there are even more than 10 cities you must see. France has many popular cities and places for vacation. Whether you are a new traveler or the regular one, it always offers France tourist attractions waiting for you. France was one of the most visited countries all over the world. So there is no doubt to put France in your trip destination list.

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1. Having Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour in Paris

Paris is always famous with Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris. Moreover, cathedral of Notre Dame and City of Lights are popular mentioned in the guide books. Paris is viewed as the top of must see city by visitors. However, beside those popular places, Paris also offers other alternatives in attracting the visitor. If you have much time in Paris, you should try the Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour and bonus tasting the French Gourmet. This tour is done in the afternoon, you will be led to walk around the pastry shop, bakery and chocolate shops. The expert of food tour guide will give you more knowledge about French culinary habit and many food specialties in French. Culinary overview will be shown in this tour such as how the food specialties are produced, how to choose tasty chocolates and pastries and how to make them. They will allow asking as many questions as possible about the art of making chocolate and baking pastry.

2. Walking Along in the Town of Mont Saint-Michel

The natural beauty of France is shown here, in the Town of Mont Saint-Michel. This town is such famed city in Normandy region. While walking along the town, you will find restaurants, stores and beautiful places. Climbing and enjoying the landscape view and also ocean which are surrounding Mont Saint-Michel.

3. Seeing a Spectacular Night Fountain Show in Versailles

Versailles is well known by its Chateau de Versailles which is the Palace of Versailles. The palace is so breathtakingly beautiful. From Paris, the city can be reached by 40 minutes using train. Besides walking around the palace, there is a great attraction offered there. It is the night fountain show. After listening the French history and wander all through the palace, at night you will witness such spectacular show. This show will be shown in the Versailles Garden. The tour will take about half day. First you are invited to experience the palace’s history. Learn the political power around 17th and 18th centuries in French. Explore the Royal Chapel, King’s and Queen’s Palace. After the palace tour, then here comes the fountain show. Before the show, you can walk around to see the shops or visit the restaurants. Then, enjoy thousand lights illuminate the fountains and the garden. The romantic light makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale land.

4. Sightseeing in Cities on the French Riviera

This Riviera city is an excellent place to have a look on lovely and local villages. You can find the mixture of high end and economic lodging. They live together hand in hand. Many visitors will love sightseeing in Cannes, La Turbie, Antibes, St. Tropez and Nice in cities of Riviera.

5. Flying with Balloon in Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau Forest is popular for family trip. The famous attractions are hill climbing, hiking and bird watching.  However, there are one more attractions which may you trying with your family. Riding the balloon and flying above the Fontainebleau will be great experience. You can witness the romantic village and rivers along with the emerald green forest. This forest is the hunting ground for the King’s family so if you are lucky you can see wild boar, roe deer, stag and pheasant. The balloon rides will begin after the sunrise or at the end of the day. It is when the winds are calm and stable plus the air is cool. The riding will be last for about 3 hours including the preparation. The balloon rides in Fontainebleau are planned everyday in the morning and evening. Even in the national days from April to October, you can try this new experience.

6. Having Zip Line in Lourdes

Lourdes is one of the busy cities in French which offer the religious destination during summer, autumn and spring. Lourdes attracts the visitors for its healing water. Not to forget the popular Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes you should be visited. There is more than the religious trip in Lourdes, you can experience hanging around over Lourdes using zip line. The route is called Via Ferrata which goes along the spectacular view of cliffs and canyon. The visitors are attached to steel cables with two safeties additional cables tighten the harnesses. Then you will go along crossing the Nepalese aerial bridge, swings, and Monkey Bridge with the breathtaking view of Cascade du Garet. You don’t need to worry because the certified guides will accompany you. The end of the journey will be with spectacular zip line hanging over the waterfall. This will be the new and best experience you can have with family or friends.

7. Shopping in Chambord

The location of Chateau de Chambord is in the quiet and amazing Loire Valley. It is near the city of Chambord which you can do many things there. You can shop, dine and lodge offerings. The most popular attraction is the enormous Chambord Palace with more than 400 rooms and the view of French countryside.

8. Cycling in Lyon

A visit to Lyon should not be missed. If you miss this city, it means you miss the great fashions and amazing restaurants. Another attraction in Lyon is by cycling. This will take a day tour. Using modern powerful electric bicycle, you are ready to enjoy the view of Lyon. Start the tour in Lyon business area and see how French life. Then visit the old town, basilique, cathedral and parks. The tour continues cycling along the Rhone River, here you can see The Basilique, Croix Rousse and Hotel Dieu. Many magnificent cruise ships will be great view as you ride the bike in the cycle path. Next is the Gallieni Bridge over the Rhone River and come to Lyon UNESCO peninsula. Then continue to Perrache area and shopping district in Ampere statue and Bellecour square. Then the route leads to Place de La Republique and Jacobins Statue. You can custom this tour for example in the middle of the tour you want to try French Gourmet, the tour guide will recommend you some good places.

9. Relaxing in Aix-en-Provence

Based on the travel guides, Aix Main Street is the most beautiful in all Europe or even the world. This city offers the museums, churches, shops, and many places to enjoy walking and relaxing in France.

10. Having the International Feel in Strasbourg

The cosmopolitan city Strasbourg is just between Germany and French. It offers the international sensation because of the European Parliament. You only need 2 hours by train from Paris.

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