10 Best Tourist Spots in Italy 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Italy You Should Visit

Italy is a country that offers great passions for every traveler that go to the country. This is country that offers you passions for good wine, food, sculpture, arts, and painting and most of it, it is best place to look on fashion after Paris. Here are best places to visit in Italy that you must go when you are in Italy.

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1. Rome

First place that you need to visit in Italy is Rome. Rome is place where you can learn the history of the victory of Roman Empire. Visit the Vatican Sistine Chapel tour that offer you a divine experience travel. . When you visit Rome, do not forget to look at the birth of “Roman” at colosseum.

2. Feel the real pizza in Naples

Italy is not Italy that identically with its iconic food, Pizza. Visit Naples to enjoy the original taste and delicious of Pizza in Naples. Naples is city that you must visit to see the history attractions, arts, Culinary, naval, and cinema buff. This city has world best cinema opera and theater house that called with open air museum. This city is framed with beautiful gulf and wonderful islands. This is perfect place to enjoy sunsets in breathtaking seafront to view.

3. Bologna

Next city is Bologna. Bologna is city that offers the two intriguing halves. One side is for hi-tech and hardworking that located in PO Valley with the finest restaurants. In the other side is Bolshie, the city side with political edgy that become the host for the oldest university with Gothic students fashions. In this city, you are able to explore the history of iconic Italy food, Bolognese.

4. Tuscany

For you who love adventure in nature view, visit Tuscany is the alternative places to visit. Tuscany region is places where you can enjoy the beautiful images of olive groves, rolling hills, and vineyards. There are many pleasures that you can do while you are in Tuscany such as tasting wine in Chianti or relax in hills town in San Gimignano or just explore the Renaissance art in Florence.

5. Siena

Siena is the medieval city that also offers you the excellent works of art with the historic center. It is the ancient walled city that known for differing contrades that represent with banners and flags that featured with 17 symbols. Siena is best place for exploring city without any agenda because it is small city that built with winding cobblestoned streets that lead you to the amazing Piazza Del Campo, the tower that built in 14th century. From this top tower, you are able to enjoy the view from Tuscany. For you who want to enjoy relax time and visit clear water beach, go to Elba that become the great largest island in Tuscan.

6. Milan

Wondering to go to high-end city in Italy? Go to Milan and prepare your best pocket to pleasure all high end style around. Milan is the Italian center for finance, industry, e commerce, global capital in fashion, architecture and industrial design. Milan also known with “The Last Supper” term from Leonardo De Vinci. Milan is city for the high end stylish fashion brand house such as Prada, Armani, Missoni and after all.

7. Turin

Turin is next city that recommended spending time when you are in Italy. In this city, you are able to visit Turin cathedral, home of the Turin shroud. Turin is the capital from the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy. When you go to Turin, visit the Juventus stadium home for Juventus fans, Egyptian Museum of Turin, and Museo Nazionale del cinema. Turin is other great city for explore architecture and museum nearby valleys and mountains with beauty views.

8. Romeo Town, Verona City

Love to see the plays of Romeo and Juliet? Then you must visit the Romeo town, Verona city. Verona is city that names with UNESCO world heritage site. In this city, you can enjoy the cobblestone streets line with medieval building. You must visit the pink building with Juliet balcony to remember the most wonderful moment in Romeo and Juliet movie.

9. Cinque Terre

Next is visiting Cinque Terre that becomes the legendary picturesque travel destination with its Amalfi coast. Cinque Terre is land that also known as” five towns” that set in along rocky northern coast in Liguarian Sea. There is five small towns that able to reach by walking or use train. You can enjoy the multi colored village in Riomaggiore that become the first town from south that venture along to Via dell’Amore. Continuing, cross to Manarola where you can find the railing wooden with steps up in vineyard path in the top of town. Next is going to Corniglia where you need to climb about 363 steps to reach down. Walking in narrow passageways, you are able to see the views of Cinque Terre as you go to Vernazza. Vernazza is charming small town with mini beach in large rocks available for sunbathing. Stop for a while to listen the crashing waves along the rock before trekking to next town, Monterosso. Monterosso is the biggest and most resort town from five towns and you can easily spend the night in this town.

10. Venice

Next city that you need to visit is Venice. Venice is located in Northeastern Italy and built in lagoon surrounded with Adriatic Sea. For you who desire to have romantic travel with your couple, go to visit the water city in Venice. In Venice, enjoy your time by explore the beauty of city with gondolas in Italian architecture of Grand canal together with other more than 150 canals. In this city, you also able to see how the beauty of Venetian glass and Venetian paper made.

In those cities, you also able to enjoy the most iconic Italy tourist attractions such as the world famous Pisa tower that have built for about more than 177 years. In this tower, you can challenge yourself by climbing into its 296 steps. Florence offers you the Italian perfecto with its Uffizi museum tour, crossing the Arno River. It just about two hours to trip from Venice to Florence then need about 1 hour and 30 minutes for relax travel continue to Rome.

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