10 Best Tourist Spots in Japan 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Japan You Should Visit

For you who love to travel to the country which has the perfect combination of its modern life and cultural life, Japan should be in your travelling lists. You will easily find businessmen in their suits and young people with their Harajuku street style in exactly one street. This samurai country also offers you a lot of amazingly beautiful tourism spots in each of its city. Here are those cities you must visit in Japan.

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1. Enjoy the Mixture of Japan’s Urban And Traditional Life in Tokyo

This capital city of Japan offers you both modern urban life and traditional life to enjoy. The temples there such as Sensoji Temple and any other traditional spots such as Imperial Palace, blends perfectly with modern spots such as karaoke bars and international restaurants. You can easily find original Japan dining as well as other international dinings such as Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, French restaurants and many more.

You can also get the feel of New York’s Madison Avenue by visiting Ginza, one of the Japan tourist attractions in Tokyo. You will find Harajuku street style which takes part in influencing the industry of international fashion. Tokyo is a perfect city to visit for you who love to get mingle with people.

2. Enjoy Japanese Tradition in Kyoto

Kyoto is also known as city of 10.000 temples since there are so many temples you can find here. Not only ancient temples, you can also find tea houses, geisha, traditional Japanese inn called Ryokans, which all of them are perfectly maintained in original Japanese tradition. You can also participate in Japanese cultural workshops and Japanese festival. One of the famous festivals in Kyoto is Gion Matsuri festival which you can see in July. This city is perfect for travellers who want to see Japan’s cultural life.

3. Get A Calm Atmosphere in Kanagawa

This is the place where Kamakura and Yokohama are located. You just need less than an hour from Tokyo to get here. You can get relaxed in seaside ryokans or resorts with calm beaches near them. The most iconic of Kanagawa is the huge bronze statue of Buddha. You can also get the view of Mountain Fuji in Kanagawa, exactly in Hakone.

4. Have A Food Tasting In Osaka

This second largest city in Japan is focused on dinings and food. You can have delicious Japanese food with affordable price. This is perfect for you who love to do food tasting when you are travelling. There are also many international companies in Osaka, which makes it perfect destination to have business trip.

5. Get Relaxed And Peaceful in Takayama

Travellers who want to get relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for a while after being in the crowd of Japan, you can visit Takayama. This town is located near the northern Japan Alps where you can experience rural life. You can go to one of places to visit in Takayama which is the most beautiful spot called Sanmachi. There are three narrow lanes, wooden house sake breweries, and tiny boutiques.

6. Enjoy Historic Spot in Nara

This city is the first ever capital city of Japan which you can reach less than an hour from Kyoto. Nara is the birth place of the basic Japanese traditions. The architectures of Nara are influenced by Chinese design. Its landmarks are designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You can enjoy historic spots in Nara by visiting the oldest and largest temples there, such as Todaiji Temple. In there you will find manicured lawns, cantilevered buildings, with deers stroll the ground.

7. Learn History in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is located in Honshu Island which now is famous as global peace center. It becomes global peace center because of its history when atomic bomb was dropped in this city on August 6, 1945. You will find many historical spots related to peace in Hiroshima such as Peace Park and Peace Memorial Museum which is located near Japan dome. Hiroshima also has UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is Itsukushima Shrine of Miyajama Island which is famous of its iconic Japanese post card.

8. Enjoy Beaches and Diving Spot in Okinawa

Okinawa is a group of islands which strecthes southward from Japan. This city is claimed as the Hawaii of Japan. You can explore the beautiful beaches in Okinawa such as Ishigaki beach since Fusaki beach and Maezato beach are protected. Ishigaki beach is the place where you can get amazing night life. You will find the best diving spots and the incredible Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa. Not only that, you can also do water sports and climbing in Mount Nosoko. This city is located 2.000 kilometers south from Tokyo where you can explore beautiful islands in Yaeyama Archipelago. This makes Okinawa is the best place to visit not only by individual traveller but also for travel with your families.

9. Enjoy Amazing Castles in Hyogo

In Hyogo, you will be impressed by seeing Himeji Castle which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This castle is the most attractive tourism spot. Not only Himeji Castle, you can also find any other amazing castles in Hyogo. Hyogo is considered as one of the most attractive cities in Japan, although it had been attacked by huge earthquake in 1995. This city is located near Osaka and home of Kobe city.

10. Get Impressed and Attracted in Nikko

Nikko is a small town which is known because of its Toshogu. Toshogu is the most beautifully decorated shrine in Nikko. You will also find a lot of attractive tourism spots in Nikko such as mausoleum of Tokugawa Leyasu and Shin Kyo bridge which is red lacquered. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountain, lakes, waterfalls, complete with wild monkey. You can also do hiking since Nikko offers you perfect hiking trails. The beautiful sceneries are available for you to enjoy in year around, but the best time to visit Nikko is in fall, when you can see leaves change the view and landscape with pretty color bursts.

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