10 Best Tourist Spots in Mumbai 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Mumbai You Should Visit

When you decide to take some trip to India, you can’t put Mumbai out of your destination list. Well, Mumbay may not have as many historical sites as many other places in India, but still you can find many other distinctive sights to compensate. After all, Mumbai is like a city of Bollywood! So the fans of Indian movie productions you better prepare to explore this city and make a delicate memory in these 10 best places to visit in Mumbai!

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1. Gateway of India

This is the most glorious monument in Mumbay. The purpose of its construction design is not only to celebrate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai, but also to make the monument the first thing all the visitors see when approach this city by boat. Gateway of India is like a perfect place for you to start your adventure in the city of Mumbai. From here you can decide the next stops of your trip. However, it doesn’t mean that you can only take some brief visit to the Gateway of India. Because, while being here, you can also enjoy the atmosphere which will remind you of circus, with many vendors selling any kind of stuffs like balloons and even Indian tea.

2. Kala Ghoda Precinct

Located in South Mumbai, Kala Ghoda is a stretch which is uniquely shaped like crescent and a home for Mumbai’s art galleries and museums. The name Kala Ghoda itself means Black Horse that refers to the statue which was once placed in the Mumbai’s cultural center. You can stroll around this place leisurely while enjoying many superb pavement galleries. If you happen to visit Mumbai in February, you can also enjoy Kala Ghoda Arts Festival which is hosted here and very joyful.

3. Elephanta Island

You like to add some thrilling adventure during your trip? Maybe like going caving to an island? If yes, then from the Gateway of India, you can take a ferry to head out to the Elephanta Island which has beautifully ancient caves. Located precisely in the middle of Mumbai harbor, the caves in this island has been one of the UNESCO heritage sites. It is like the best of Mumbai’s tourist attraction for you who happen to be an archaeological enthusiast and very recommended to be a destination for a family trip.

4. Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty Beaches

Sightseeing the marvelous Mumbai for a day may tire you in a pleasure way. Hence, it is highly suggested for you to end your exhausting day by taking some break while relaxing in the Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty Beaches. In this beach, you can enjoy sunset with the locals. You can also have some feast with the tasty Indian snacks which are sold by the huge number of mobile vendor and food stalls. The location of the Marine Drive Chowpatty itself is in central Mumbay which is not too far from the Gateway of India. While Juhu Beach is a little bit north, around 18 km from it.

5. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This is one of the monumental places to visit in Mumbai. You may think Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is only a train station; well it’s more than that. You may find yourself captivated Mumbai’s most extravagant Gothic building which happen to be also an aphorism in the colonial era of India. The design depicts a combination of Victorian, Hind and Islamic styles which results in a striking structures of domes, spires, buttresses, turrets and stained-glass. The architectural detail of this station is so incredible you may found it become a location for some scenes of your favorite Bollywood movies.

6. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

One of the unique places to visit in Mumbai is Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat. What place is it? It is an immense open air laundry which offers a memorable glimpse into the inside of Mumbai city. Here you can see how the dirty laundry from all over the city is fetched here and meticulously washed by hands of the washer men in the what to be seem like an never-ending rows of concrete troughs.

7. Bollywood

The fans of Bollywood film industry must visit this film city in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Here you can finally be in a Bollywood movie than just merely watch the set on the television. The key place in Bollywood itself is the architecturally splendid Eros Cinema, adjoining to the Churchgate railway station. So, enjoy your tour in the heart of the Bollywood Film City!

8. Siddhivinayak Temple

This temple which has been 200 years old is the pivotal position in the Mumbai, literally and figuratively. Siddhivinayak Tempel is well-known among the Bollywood fraternity. It is probably the most famous temple in Mumbai which need you to queue outside for more than two hours. However, the incredible view of the building which covered in gold and marble is worth it, it will pay off your long awaiting.

9. Haji Ali

If you want to take a religious Islamic tour during your visit to Mumbai, then come to the impressive Haji Ali which is both a mosque as well as tomb. The building was built in 1431 by Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, a wealthy Muslim merchant and sufi. He got an inspiration to create this building after his life-changing trip to Mecca, Arab Saudi. What is mesmerizing about this building is its location which is situated amidst the ocean. Hence, you can only reach Haji Alo during the low tide and after taking 500 yard long walkway.

10. Colaba Causeway Market

What is the trip without shopping, right? There are many markets in this city, but you can always come to the famous Colaba Causeway Market during your trip to Mumbai. In this market you will encounter a numerous shops, street vendors and restaurant which are located along the busy Causeway. It is not exaggerating to say that this market is a shoppers’ paradise. You can go spend your money here to buy ethnic jewelries, any other fashion items from stilettos shoes, clothes, to bags, carpets and antiques. But before you go crazy shopping, make sure you have polished your bargaining skills.

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