10 Best Tourist Spots in New Delhi 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in New Delhi You Should Visit

Going for holiday in Europe or East Asia countries may seem too mainstream nowadays. That is why a trip to India may give you a different experience. Visiting India, it is like a must for you to come to Delhi. In this city you will be captivated with its mysterious and magical sights which give you ambiance like an eastern Roma. Here are 10 best places to visit in Delhi which can be a vacation ideas for you!

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1. Discovering India’s history in Red Fort

This sandstone carcass conjures the splendor of Mughal Delhi. Protected with a striking 18 meter high wall, this fort which consists of marbles and sandstone monuments was built at the peak of the Mughal Dynasty’s glorious era. As the empire was mesmerized with its precious stones and gold, this fortress were erected by Shah Jahan during 1638 and 1648 to defend the capital city. It was such a pity that Bahadur Shah Zafar as the last Mughal emperor of Delhi was kicked form the Red Fort in 1857. As he was exiled to Burma, the British colonial took control of the Red Fort and onslaught the majority of its building and changed them with horrible barracks for its army.

Now, Red Fort has been one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is beautifully standing with its surviving structures of it main gates, walls, ramparts, audience halls and also the imperial apartments. You can visit the Red Fort in the evening, except on Monday, to enjoy a grandiloquent sound with pompous voiceover as well as light show with colorful spotlights which highlight the key events of the Red Fort’s history. The entry fee is 150 INR for foreigners. And if you want to enjoy the spectacular view of Red Fort by recording it with your video cam, you have to pay more for INR 25.

2. Enjoy the amazing tombs and monuments view in Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar complex is like a special thing that completes the aura of Delhi as a city with ancient ruins. The monument was first constructed by the Mehrauli’s sultans and expanded by the next rulers. Its splendid construction was undeniable since it is built by the finest craftsmen and artisans at the period as the exclamation to mark the triumph of Muslim rule in Delhi.

What you can enjoy by visiting Qutb Minar is the astonishing ruined tombs and monuments. Besides, here every November or December, you can see The Qutb Festival of Indian classical dance and music.

3. Visiting the Humayun Tomb

Humayun Tomb is probably the most well-proportioned and charming mausoleums in Delhi. It was surrounded by a green flush which makes the Humayun Tomb looks like floating over the garden. This tomb is historically a fusion mark of the unification of Persian and Mughal elements. Frankly to say, this tomb which was built in mid-16 century has strongly influenced the construction of Taj Mahal. What is more delicating is that you can visit it for free everyday from 6 am to 6 pm.

4. Enjoying the view in Lodi Park

This is a serene park in Delhi which gathers everyone from young to old, politicians to passionate teens together. Lodi Park is not simply a garden because here you can find dissolution tombs of Sayyid and Lodi leaders. Satisfy yourself with the view of remarkable 15th century Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque and the natural view of Athpula bridge which crosses the lake. Here you can also visit this site for free.

5. Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s in Gandhi Smiriti

Who doesn’t know Gandhi? He didn’t only bring harmony to India, but also spread peace to all over the world. Thus, among the places to visit in Delhi, you should take some time to look at the exact spot where Gandhi was assassinated by his follower. Here you can also see the collection of photographs, paintings and sculptures to memorize Gandhi’s spirit to bring a world peace. The entry to this spot is free and you can visit this everyday but Monday.

6. See a stunning temple in Lotus Temple

Lotus temple is the very last one of the seven main Bahai temples in all over the world. This is like one of the best tourist attraction in Delhi you must not ever think to skip. The structure is so mesmerizing that it is constructed with pure white marble and surrounded in contrast with a lush green landscape. The philosophy behind the lotus itself is that it depicts equality to all religions so the doors are wide open for any faith’s adherences to pray or meditate. You are free to visit this stunning temple every Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm.

7. See the India’s ancient architecture in Akshardam Temple

Another tourist attraction you may regret to miss is the Akshardgam Temple which is granted the ‘World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple’ title from Guinness World Record. Hence this temple is like an epitome of Indian culture. You will get an unforgettable memory of the breathtaking magnificence and grandeur of India’s architecture, ancient art and eternal spiritual teachings.

8. Purana Qila and National Zoological Park

Purana Qila is one of the oldest forts in India. However, you won’t just admire its fascinating historical monuments only because it is standing amidst lush green gardens. From Purana Qila, you can also walk to Delhi Zoo or National Zoological Park. It is very pleasant to walk this place while enjoying funny activities of the animals. However, don’t ever come to here in weekend because this 176-acre area is always very crowded.

9. Take photo in front of India Gate

The perfect thing to mark your visit to India, particularly its capital is by having a picture in front of the famous India Gate. You can enjoy some nice walk around here or even just enjoy the view leisurely around the gorgeous fountains which sweeten the area to be nicer and cozier. If your trip takes time in October and November, you can also apply for the Airtel Half Marathon. I mean, wouldn’t it be a wonderful memory to join an early morning run at Raj Path?

10. Shopping and taste india’s culinary in Lajpat Nagar Market

You may need some stuffs for you as well as your family or friends at home which symbolized India’s culture. So, don’t forget to have some crazy shopping at Lajpat Nagar Market for some ethnic wear. You will find here sarees, kameez, salvar, kolhapuri chappals and kurtas. Also, you can get some henna in your hands and taste Indian street food in this market. This is actually the perfect place to end your trip in Delhi.

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