10 Best Tourist Spots in Paris 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

Best Tourist Attractions in Paris 2018

These best places in Paris will be the best reference for you who plan to visit this popular city in Europe. As we know, Paris is the center city of France. It also becomes the center part of business, fashion, and culture in the world. All people really know this great city. Besides that, it also offers you the magical sense that exposes the history, style, and sophistication. Well, keep reading below. Here is great reference about Paris.

The reasons why should visit Paris

Before exploring some great places in Paris, let’s talk about what Paris provides for tourists. There are a lot of monuments and museums that make you breathtaking. Not only great places, Paris also has a lot of things to offer such as music, food, and delicious wines. You can enjoy them in some amazing cafes. From the historical aspect, this city also provides you great history. You cannot visit those histories completely only by one visit. Well, there are a lot of things you have to see there.

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1. Arc De Triomphe

First of all, let’s talk about Arc De Triomphe. It is the monument that stands in the Palace Charles De Gaulle’s center. This monument also becomes one of the landmarks in Paris. If you visit there, you will be able to climb about 284 steps. After that, you can enjoy the Arc top on its height. Well, you will be able to explore the comprehensive histories about Paris itself. You will also see the great panoramic of the city. So, don’t forget to visit here and climb the top side of the monument.

2. Champs Elysees

Then, you can also spend times in Champs Elysees. For your information, this place is the most prestigious spot in Paris you have to visit. You will find cafes, cinemas, and luxurious shops where you can buy some clothes with great models. For your information, this place is one of the busiest spot in the world. You can go from Arc De Triomphe to the Champs Elysees easily because they are near each other.

You can spend great moment by capturing some photos and going to the night clubs. You can also come in the early morning when you will be able to capture the pictures without crowded situation. So, if you come to Paris, don’t forget to visit to these two places. It will be great moment for you ever.

3. The Louvre Museum

Do you know that the Louvre is the biggest museum in the world? In this museum, you can find thousands space’s square visit and millions works. This place offers you the classic view from 19th century. You have to be ready to capture a lot of things on your camera. It will be the amazing photos moment for you and families, right?

For your information, if you want to really enjoy the comprehensive moments in Louvre, you will need at least three full days. You can do all things completely in the afternoon.

4. Museum Hopping

What can we do in Paris? Well, now is your time to spend times in the luxurious moment. Not only learning the Paris history in the Louvre, you can also go to another spot in Paris, like the Musee D’ Orsay. This place offers you the great artworks. You can see some luxurious artworks by great artists. Besides that, if you want to know about the famous history of Holocaust, you can also continue visiting Holocaust museum.

There are many other museums you can visit such as Rodin, Musee D’Orangerie, and other sewer museums. Well, it will be the best chance for you to spend your holidays in Paris by visiting many great museums. In other hand, you will also find the best and accurate information about the Paris history, right?

5. The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter will be the next recommended place you have to visit when spending holiday in Paris. This area is also historical spot you can check. It is near the Notre Dame. This area provides you tiny and winding streets that will lead you to the weird spots. You will be leaded to the tiny cafés and lined squared buildings. Besides that, you can also find a lot of bars that are very popular for all students at night.

6. Jardin Du Luxembourg

Next, you will explore the beauty of Paris by visiting Jardin Du Luxembourg. This place is the largest public park you can find in Paris. This garden will offer you hundred monuments, statues, and also fountains. Those areas can be scattered through the grounds. If you visit there in the morning, you will see some runners enjoying the park. Meanwhile in the lunch time, you will find this park full of people who do picnic. Well, you can join them for the best moments ever.

7. Montemartre

Montemartre is the best place where you can find some great artworks for decades. You will also enjoy the stunning view of this beautiful city. This is the only place for people who really want to enjoy the artworks of Gertrude Stein and Hemingway. So, if you really adore them, you have to visit there.

8. Eiffel Tower

Well, now you can continue your tour to the most popular landmark in Paris, Eiffel tower. Visiting Paris without spending time in Eiffel Tower is something unthinkable. Everybody who goes to Paris will have a time to visit Eiffel tower.

This tower was built in 1889 of the World Fair. This tower provides you 300 meter of height or about 985 feet. This tower is also the symbol of radical engineering power. At the first time of this tower building progress, some people called it as the metal asparagus. But finally, they realized that this tower has the long line in the top. You can really see the top even from 40 miles.

9. The Palace of Versailles

Like in London, you can also visit to the palace of the France kings. This place is open for public every day. For your information, this palace is very crowded whole day. But, make sure that you capture every moment there. It will be unforgettable moment for you, right?

In this palace, you will know and understand why France was revolted. If you visit there, don’t forget to also spend time at the home of Marie Antoinette. There is spacious and huge garden you will see. It will be better for you to visit this garden in the summer.

10. Notre Dame

This place’s masterpiece is the Gothic building architectures. You will find some buildings with Gothic architecture. Those buildings will make you breathtaking. Finally, those are all discussions of tourist attractions you can find in Paris.

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