Colosseum Rome

10 Best Tourist Spots in Rome 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Rome You Should Visit

There are numerous places to visit in Rome. It is a romantic city that has so many tourist attractions and famous sites. Visitors will probably confuse about which place they want to put in their lists, especially if they have tight schedules. This eternal city is the home for historical places, and great architecture of its time. Here’s the highlight!

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1. History Lesson at The Remarkable Colosseum

Colosseum Rome

Colosseum was once the largest amphitheatre. It is a famous place where criminals, wild animals like lions, and also gladiators fought. This place presents the magnificent Roman Empire as well as the power. This stunning architecture offers educational and historical insights for the visitors. Besides the amphitheatre, there is also a museum that contains ancient artifacts and audio guides in different languages. The ticket for this place cost € 12. The opening time for this place is different for each month, so, visitors are required to check the times before visiting the place.

2. Educational and Historical Contemplation at Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum Rome

This museum offers people collections of artwork. There are also historical artifacts and classical statues. In this museum, there is Raphael’s room or also known as Stanze di Raffaello. The room is divided based on the period of time. Another interesting attraction is map gallery. The walls in the gallery are full of topographical maps. Funerary pieces can also be found in this museum, hieroglyphics statues, mummies, ancient inscriptions, and also reliefs. The most visited place IS THE Sistine Chapel. The famous Michelangelo created this place, which is filled with colorful ceiling as the depiction of Old and New Testaments. It is a perfect place for historical education.

3. Enjoy the Architectural Scenes in Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill rome

If you are planning a trip to Rome, don’t forget to visit Palatine Hill. This is one of the seven famous hills in Rome. In this place, visitors can ancient houses, and significant sites. Nowadays, this place is a one of the place where history enthusiasts go. Some of the buildings that visitors can visit are house of August, home of Domus Augustana, house of Livia, and also Septimius Severus palace. A large stadium can also be found in this place. For visitors who want to visit this place, there is a combined ticket. This ticket is to visit Palatine Hill and Colloseum.

4. What can you do at Roman Forum?

roman forum rome

Why do a lot of tourists come to visit this place? During the ancient Roman this place is the center of Romanians. It is a place where Romanians discuss about civic, political views, and also religion. Visitors can stroll along the triumphal arches as well as temples. The temples include the Arch of Titus, Arch of Septimus Sverus, Atrium Vestae, Temple of Saturn, Temple of Ceasar, Temple of Venus and Roma, and many more. Roman Forum provides visitors thorough information and knowledge about the governmental issues and the social life of the people.

5. Experience the Eerie Feeling at Catacombs of San Callisto

Catacombs of San Callisto rome

There are many Christian catacombs in Rome, and the largest one os San Callisto. In this particular location, there are half millions of bodies. For visitors who want to experience creepy feelings, this is the perfect option. These catacombs offers one of a kind experience since it consists of 5 floors and the most famous residents are third century popes. This place opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm, except on Wednesday. If you want to visit the catacombs, you must prepare €5 to €8 per tour.

6. Via Appia Antica, the Superhighway in Rome

Via Appia Antica rome

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Rome is Via Appia Antica or popularly known as Appiann Way. It is a burial place for citizens of Rome as well as the oldest roads to Rome. Although it is considered merely as highway, the curator of these roads is actually Julius Caesar. Here, visitors can visit stunning monuments like Villa dei Quintili, Circus of Maxentius, and also Baths of Caracalla. Tourists who love to explore history of Rome might love these roads. However, to avoid traffic, it is recommended not to travel on Sundays or Holidays. The opening times as well as the prices are vary. Check the official websites for confirmation.

7. Visit Pyramis of Cestius

Pyramid of Cestius rome

Another magnificent tomb is pyramid of Cestius. In this tomb, there are numbers of frescoes, which depict the Roman mythology. It is well constructed with brick and marbles. The tomb itself is around 35 m high. The construction of these tombs was influenced by Egyptian style, which was quite famous during 18 to 12 BC. For visitors who want to visit this place, can come at all times and look at the pyramid from the outside.

8. Sight Seeing at Santa Maria Degli Angeli e Dei

Santa Maria Degli Angeli e Dei rome

This place is actually a large Church, which was built in 16th century. In this church, lie the remains of Michelangelo and Baths of Diocletian. This place is an ideal place for visitors who adore Michelangelo’s works. The impressive structure of this church would inspire architects who want to explore style of the era. However, for people who are looking for more unaltered scene can come and visit Aula Ottagona, which is close to the church.

9. Reading the Illustrious History at St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica rome

This is one of the most essential sites for Christian in the world. This basilica was first built by Circus Nero and then continued by some popes and architects. In this Basilica, visitors are able to see historical art from Renaissance era. There are also the tombs of popes like Pope John Paul II who died in 2005. Perhaps, other highlighted masterpieces are the statue of Pieta by Michelangelo and also the golden monument of Pope Alexander VII. This historical place is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

10. Make a Wish at Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain rome

Trevi fountain is completed during 1762. The design of this fountain was made by Nicola Salvi. The fountain itself features sculptural of Neptune, who was known as the God of the Sea. Neptune in this mythological composition was sided by two Tritons. This location of this magnificent fountain has marked Aqua Virgo aqueduct. There are movie scenes which are taken in this fountain like Dolce Vita or When in Rome. According to the legend, if one throws a coin into the fountain, one day he or she will return to Rome. Some even says that it may grand wishes. Well, those are highlighted places for visitors or tourists who do not familiar on where to visit in Rome. So, have you decide where to go?

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