10 Best Tourist Spots in Singapore 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Singapore You Should Visit

Singapore is the best place to spend the holiday with friends and family. There are many places to visit in Singapore, many tourist attractions, and many special culinary to try in Singapore. And it is very unfortunate, if you have travelled far away from home to travel to Singapore, but you do not to visit places of recreation in Singapore. Singapore is a big city with hundreds cultures, arts, many races. So, there’s no doubt to visit this city with the best places.

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1. Merlion

Merlion is a statue that becomes a symbol of Singapore and this statue also became the Singapore’s icon. This statue had been design by a member of the committee in souvenir and the curator of Aquarium Van Kleef named Fraser Brunner.

The majority of tourists who come to Singapore must take their photos in this place. This is the evidence that they had visit Singapore because Merlion only exists in Singapore. Close to the Merlion statue, there is a building named the Esplanade. This building is also commonly called a fly’s eye building. If you go to Singapore and you do not hold the memories in this place, it can be said that you are not travelling to Singapore. It place is located across the Fullerton hotel, at Merlion Park, in One Fullerton. How to get there? You can take the MRT and stop at Raffles Place or City Hall, and you can continue by walking.

2. China Town

You are a shopaholic? If the answer is Yes, or even No, this place can become a shopping paradise for anyone who wants to buy souvenirs. China town is a shopping center in Singapore with a very cheap price. You can buy and bargain everything here. Bargain as you wish. This area is the center of all the goods that are typical of Chinese culture, starting from the typical Chinese dress for women that are commonly called cheongsam until Chinese medicine shop that sells all kinds of typical Chinese medicine. You do not miss the Chinese food restaurant that offers tempting dishes.

Chinese traders peddling their wares on the ground floor shop, houses from the period before the war that still attractive, ranging from delicate bales of silk and gold jewelry to T-shirts and traditional crafts of Singapore. In addition, there are many vendors who sell a variety of goods, ranging from cheap souvenirs, snacks and food every day and many other unique items. More than that, you can also find clothes, household furnishing, jewelry, and many more. So, just spend more money!

3. Raffles Landing Site

The replica statue of Raffles with white color is overlooking the Singapore River. This area is the place where the first landing of Governor of Singapore named Sir Stamford Raffles. The original statue is made of black bronze that found in the Victoria Concert Hall, and it located in 500 meters from this place. You can see the great Singapore here, like a statue of the Merlion, Esplanade, Omar Kampong Malacca Mosque, Temple Tan Si Chong Su, and Clarke Quay.

4. Sentosa Island

This island is a center of various types of entertainment, playground, and many more. You can see a variety of attractions, entertainment, culinary, and also a beautiful beach. When the holidays have arrived, there are many foreign tourists or local tourists who come to visit the beaches on this island. If you want to get around to the entertainment areas on the island, one day, it is not enough at all. There are many destinations in Sentosa Island such as Universal Studio Singapore, SEA Aquarium, Singapore Cable Car, and many more.

5. Orchard Road

The most popular Singapore tourist attractions can be found along the Orchard Road with magnificent mall, and it can make you feel confused in determining the choice of places to shop. You can find various international fashion brands in this place. There are also rumors saying that branded goods are sold in the region are cheaper here than in other city like Hong Kong, or Paris. Lots of people or tourists around the world are shopping around Orchard Road. Do not be surprised if you see a lot of people crazily shopping here. The most famous malls in this place are Lucky Plaza, Tangs Plaza, Takashimaya, and many others.

6. Bugis Street

In this place you can find merchandise with the low price. It is similar with the China Town. Bugis Street was originally only a street name, which has now turned into one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. The place is very well suited for those who want to buy souvenirs, because you can both find various types of souvenirs at a cheap price. You will spend most of you money here. It’s lovable!

7. Katong

This is a place where you can find interesting snacks and food from different directions. There are many seafood restaurants along the east coast.it is located in Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road.

8. Little India

This area has abundant ethnic jewelry, jasmine series, and silk saris. Tekka Centre and Little India Arcade have the grocery stores. You can find various different and unique things in Little India. The location is along Serangoon Road.

9. Kampong Arab or Glam

It is a community center for Muslim people, which was formerly the place that just the ultimate place for the sellers of the holy Quran, skull cap, prayer rugs, and textiles. Now the main pride in Kampong Glam and Arab Street is the textiles. You can see great amount of chiffon, cotton georgette, silk, and other luxurious fabrics that are offered along the sidewalk with various colors just like the rainbow. This area is also famous for batik from Indonesia. The location is on North Bridge Road. In this place, you can also see and visit the Sultan Mosque and Malay Heritage Centre.

10. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a park that contains of many statues and there are a lot of Chinese cultures. Here you can see the Smiling Buddha statue the Goddess of Mercy (God of Love), and the Ten Courts of Hell. The location is in Pasir Panjang Road.

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