10 Best Tourist Spots in Switzerland 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Switzerland You Should Visit

There are at least ten places to visit in Switzerland to enjoy cool daytime and frozen night vacations. You are gonna enjoy the coolest area in Europe with perfect natural scenery and excellent public transportation. Swiss public transportation is one of the best public transportation in Europe. Every destination is connected to another destination, so you don’t have to worry about difficult access to visit these following 10 destinations in Switzerland.

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1. Enjoy the fresh mountainous air in the Jungfrau Region

Switzerland has been known for its beautiful mountainous view with the Jungfrau Region as the best destination to enjoy the white peaks of the trees. There are three areas in this region, the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch. These three areas offer you a contrast snowy mountain within the green meadows and valleys of the Alpine wonderland. Just grab your winter coats and boots to enjoy the real winter wonderland here. The best time to visit the Jungfrau Region to enjoy the fresh mountainous air and beautiful view is in between December and March. At this time the region gets more sun so it will be safer for you to explore the nature. Though the temperature is still low and snowy, it is actually a little warmer than the other times.

2. Explore the wild in Swiss National Park

It is not only Africa that offers you a great and wild adventure. Switzerland also offers you a unique ecosystem that is waiting to be explored. If you planning a trip to Switzerland, you have to visit Swiss National Park, Zernes. It is a 169 square kilometers of woodland and mountain. The park provides a great home to a unique wildlife ecosystem. You can find chamois, marmots, ibexes, and large red deer. You can go hiking in most area of the park, especially if you visit the park in December through March. It is the sunnier time in Switzerland. The park would be the destination for you who love to explore wild nature while researching the local ecosystem that you cannot find in the other part of the world.

3. Have a historical journey in Chateau de Chillon

Most people who love history would directly think about visiting France, British, or even Italy when they are planning on spending their holidays in Europe. How about Switzerland? This country also offers you a great Swiss tourist attraction that is full of history on Chateau de Chillon, Montreux. Montreux is the town in the center of Switzerland on the Lake Geneva shore in the Swiss Riviera. Walking around by the side of the lake would be the best decision to explore the Chillon Castle. You can also take a tour fo the courtyards, tower, rooms, and dungeons in this castle. The Chateau de Chillon or Chillon Castle was built in 11th century. The great history and the unique old architectural designs make the castle one of the most visited building in Switzerland. Don’t forget to take pictures of the old furniture, frescoes, and house weaponry here. You can reach the castle by taking trolley bus or train. It is quite safe and fun to visit this place any time.

4. A romantic and cultural tour in Geneva

Still not too far from the Chillon Castle, there is the Lake Geneva. It is the biggest lake in the country where you fins the tallest fountain in the world, fine restaurants, and beautiful museums. You should enjoy Geneva to enjoy romantic dinners and cultural tours in some art museums. You can visit Geneva right away after visiting Chillon Castle. Some tourist decides to stay in Geneva for it is also located in the heart of the country.

5. Enjoy festive holidays in Basel

You do not have to visit Switzerland in the sunniest days. For you who want to enjoy great festival, you gotta to visit Switzerland in spring especially around the Passover day. Make sure you put Basel in your destination list. There is always a great carnival that starts on the first Monday after the Ash Wednesday. The carnival will be last for three days where people wear colorful costumes with mask parading along the streets. There are cafes and bars that open for three days straights. In this festival you will also find sweets, flowers, and confetti thrown to the street every time.

6. Take an adventurous cable car in Mount Pilatus

Another ideas about where to visit in Switzerland is Mt. Pilatus. Some tourists thought the Mt. Pilatus is related to a religious destination in Switzerland. In fact, the Mt. Pilatus is a 2,210 meter-tall mountain that offers you great adventure. The mountain is located around the lakeside of Lucerne stands. You gotta to take the cable car to reach the top. In the car you can enjoy thrilling scenery of the Swiss Alps. It the most spectacular view and one of the best tourist places in Switzerland.

7. Take pictures with old city background in St. Gallen

St. Gallen is one of the oldest town in Switzerland. The city is quite large, it is now growing to be the seventh largest city in the country. St. Gallen is built in 612 AD by an Irish monk. Today, you can find picturesque buildings with colorful mural, statues, and carved balcony that have been built long time ago.

8. Watch a fantastic firework show in the Rhine Falls

In most countries a great firework party will be thrown in the city in the new year eve, but not in Switzerland. You have to visit this country on August 1, the Swiss National Day. There will be a great firework party in the Rhine Falls, magnificent natural water fall. You won’t find better firework party than this one. You can enjoy the firework around Schoos Laufen mediaval castle from restaurants, hostels, and shops.

9. Enjoying food in the highest place in the Matterhorn

You can’t visit Switzerland without visiting good restaurants and great nightlife in the Matterhorn, Zermatt. It’s the most well known peak in Alps that is located in 4, 478 meter highs. The nature is really wild, but you don’t have to worry about dangerous trekking. There is always train to access the peak.

10. Luxurious vacation in St. Moritz

Do you want to feel like a billionaire? Well, you gotta to visit st. Moritz that is known as the playground of the wealthy. There are luxurious winter resort with various kind winter sports like skiing. You can also enjoy mud and mineral therapy at some health and spa centers after feeling tired spending your time in the glamour nightlife.

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