5 Best Weekend Getaways in California 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in California on Weekend

5 best places to visit in California on weekend will be the interesting topic to be discussed today. Talking about California, actually it is not only about the movie stars and Disneyland story. There are many other great places you can find there. This region offers you the large number of the natural beauties. You can find serene deserts, beautiful beaches, and also majestic mountains. Besides stunning natural attractions, California is also a home of the amazing major cities. Check reading below!

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Why you should visit California

Before giving you the explorations about this great state, let’s discuss about the reason why you should visit there. For your information, California is known as one of the most famous places in United States. It is not only for your family and friends but there you can also enjoy many days by visiting some great places. There are also gorgeous national parks and waterfronts you can visit.

Besides that, you can be able to meet the iconic pieces of architecture. It will be also the opportunity for you to meet some stars from Hollywood. Well, California really provides you the gorgeous beauty of nature, the mainstream entertainment, and educational activities. So, you will really have the reasons to visit California. So, what are some places to visit there?

1. Palm Springs Area

This spot is located in the desert area of California. This spring area has been popular for the people who want to spend the winter holiday warmly. It is also famous and rich for all tourists. You can find the sun brightens for 350 days in a year. Meanwhile during winter, there will be 16 degrees Celsius of the weather temperature. That’s why people choose this palm spring as their solution to spend winter days.
You will really find some advantages from the sun shines there. You will be able to enjoy playing golf courses and also taking driving course in the desert. It also provides you some popular events for tourists. For example, you can enjoy the famous music festival of Stagecoach and Coachella. However, the fun moment will not end even the sun goes down. This is really the best place where you can find a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants.


2. Catalina Island in California

Next, you can enjoy your tour in Catalina Island. This is the charming island that is located on 22 miles. This area is across the part of Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles. For your information, many tourists from LA also take their times to visit Catalina. It is also the favorite place where you can enjoy honeymoon with your husband.

You also have to know that Santa Catalina is actually the small island having the population about two main centers. There are Avalon and Two Harbors. Most tourists in Catalina will choose the Avalon area to stay. Besides that, in this place you will be able to find American bison. What the surprise news, right? Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the island by using ferries, small planes, and private boat. Meanwhile the land transportation will be limited only on taxi, golf carts, and bicycles.


3. Santa Barbara Area

This area is the stunning coastal city. It is located in the 90 miles or 150 km north from Los Angeles. This area is actually located in Southern California. For your information, this place is very popular because of its mild temperature. It also offers you the great style for the architecture of its buildings. The great architecture in Santa Barbara is common thing for the people there.

Besides that, you will also find the local ordinance with long standing design. It ensures that all public constructions follow the Mission concept. This concept gives the results in a red tiled roofs’ plethora and also adobe supermarkets. Well, Santa Barbara really exposes the beautiful beaches and great sport centers for all Los Angeles citizens. You can also find the popular attractions of the Mission Santa Barbara and Stearns Wharf.


4. Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

These are to national parks in California you should visit. They are located nearly to each other exactly in the Mountains of Southern Sierra Nevada. Both of them are also famous because of their giant sequoia trees. For your information, this type of tree is able to grow to be more than 90 meters or about 300 feet of tall. Meanwhile their trunks can be able to grow about 30 meter or around 100 feet of width. It is really stunning beauty of nature that you can find in California.

For your information, Sequoia Park was founded in 1890. It is also the home for Mount Whitney. Mount Whitney itself is the highest spot of United States. Meanwhile the Kings Canyon exposes the deepest canyon there. You will find a lot of species of their wildlife. You can find gray foxes, bears, bob cats, and mule deer. If you are lucky, you will be able to meet the lions of this mountain. Those two parks are very famous the hikers and backpackers.


5. Napa Valley in California

Next, you will have a chance to visit Napa Valley. It is also the famous destination for travelers especially for them who love wine. This place offers you the best wine in the world. You can taste its wines considered as the best one in the world. For you who want to travel to this valley, you can find some accommodations. You will find the best places to stay during travelling to the Napa. For example, you can find the home stays with breakfast service and charming bed.

Besides that, now you can also find the hotels with some prestigious boutique and other chain hotels. For you who want to try natural sense, you can go camping in this valley. You will be able to find the grounds for camping. This way will help you to save more your budgets, right?

Then, you also have to know that Napa also provides you the best spas center. So, you will really find the comprehensive travelling service in this place. Finally, those are all some tourist attractions you can find in California.


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