10 Best Tourist Spots in Canada 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada on Weekend

What if we plan to visit Canada this holiday? Well, you gotta to visit at least ten places to visit in Canada. Prepare yourself to enjoy an awesome tour in Canada this year. You are going to enjoy great city walk, excellent fresh and cool weather, and friendly nature. In general Canada offers you great and relaxing vacations with cold weather in a whole year. So, you have to visit at least these 10 following destinations.

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1. Enjoy the beach in Toronto

Toronto is just like the New York City of Canada. it os the capital of Ontario that is known as the most populated city as well as the largest city in Canada. You have to visit the beach especially if you come to the country in June. It offers you white sand with shinny atmosphere, but still with chilled wind. You still can enjoy Toronto out of the summer days. Toronto also offers you great cultural life with great Chinatown district, the Castle of Casa Loma, and the great landmarks such as the CN Tower.

2. Enjoy the atmosphere of France in Montreal

Besides Toronto, Montreal is also another town that you have to visit in Canada. It is the second largest city after Toronto. Montreal, the capital of Quebec province. Montreal offers you unique neighborhood since most people here speak French. It is even the largest French-speaking society out of Paris. Though Montreal is the financial capital, you will also enjoy cultural and historical spots. The main destination is the Olympic Tower in the downtown skyscraper and the old Montreal buildings.

3. Enjoy natural and firework party in the Niagara Falls

You don’t visit Canada without visiting Niagara Falls. Niagara has been well known for it is a great and inspiring waterfall. The waterfall is located in the Ontario, on the border of Canada and the United States. You have to visit the Ontario side that is called Horseshoe Falls. There are restaurants, observation towers, souvenir shops, casino, and great hotels. You’re gonna be luckier if you visit Niagara in summer. The falls in the side of Queen Victoria Park is illuminated with firework during in summer night.

4. Get closer to the nature in Vancouver

You must have heard about Vancouver that is famous for its majestic landscape. Vancouver offers you great natural playground where you can go swimming in the ocean and snow skiing in the mountain. You can also visit the Chinatown to enjoy numerous kind of food and souvenirs. It is not just a Chinatown. It is a Chinatown near the woodlands that you cannot find in the other places in the world.

5. Get on the wildlife tour in Banff National Park

Canada will always offer you one of the best wildlife tourist attraction. You have to visit the Banff National Park that is located in Alberta. The park offers you great wildlife scenery that you can enjoy from the Trans-Canada Highway that passes through the Banff National Park. The Banff National Park becomes home to the numerous of mammals such as black bears, bison, moose, grizzly, bald eagles, and wolves. You cannot fins this unique ecosystem outside of Canada. So, prepare your energy to explore the wild here.

6. Go ice skating in Ottawa

Ottawa is located in between Gatinea and Rideau Rives in the southeastern area of Ontario. Ottawa is not only a home for the commercial and federal establishment such as the Parliament Hills, it is also the greatest place to visit in summer. You can enjoy an awesome star attraction in the side of Rideau Canal. But, the best time to visit the canal is in winter where it becomes the largest ice skating area. You cannot find any larger ice skating area out of Ottawa. It is just the best.

7. Find the spectacular mountainous view in Whistler

You have to visit the Whistler that is located in the Coast Mountain of British Columbia. You can reach Whistler two hours from Vancouver through the Sea-to-Sky Highway. You have to visit Whistler resort. It is the largest ski destination in North America. The best part about Whistler is the gondola transport that allows you to enjoy the high and awesome mountainous scenery here.

8. Go surfing in the quaint city of Victoria in Vancouver Island

The island that is named after the George Vancouver, the British Explorer who explored the West Coast of America. The Vancouver Island is located across the Washington State. It is the easiest for you to visit the island from San Juan Island by ferry. Vancouver Island is famous for te awesome Butchart Gardens and the surfing area of Tofino. It is the wildest surfing area in around Canada, States, and Alaska.

9. Go French in Quebec City, Canada

You don’t have to really visit France to enjoy the atmosphere of Paris. Instead, you can visit Quebec City, the capital of the Quebec Province that is located in the eastern area of Canada. The city offers a lot of French heritage like the charming French style architecture that makes the city looks exactly like European village. In this city, you can also go hiking on a hill over the St. Lawrence River. You can enjoy great natural scenery that blends with great historical districts. Most people in Quebec City speaks French. So you will feel like being in Paris, minus the Eiffel tower. You need to spend at least four nights in this city to explore the whole area of the city.

10. Celebrate the Old West Calgary

When do you plan to visit Canada? It is better for you to visit Canada in July. Of course, don’t you forget to visit Calgary, the largest city in Alberta. In the town that is located in between the Canadian Rookies and the Canadian Prairies you will discover the largest Canadian metropolitan area in the 1900s. Every July, there will be an Old West Celebration that is hold in more than ten days. You can enjoy rodes, parades, chuck wagon races, numerous kind of competition, craft shows, and countless traditional food sold during the celebration. Just pack the bets camera you have and take a lot of pictures. Don’t miss any moment.

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