Centennial Park Fountain, Georgia

10 Best Weekend Getaways in Georgia 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

Top 10 Best Weekend Getaways in Georgia 2018

Everyone knows that Georgia is the place of so many beautiful places and heritages we will feel bad to miss it. From Downtown to Beltline, this place is filled with excitement and we will have a long list of places to visit if we have a tour. However, the following list consists of 10 best places to visit in Georgia along with the possible things to do there. If you are planning a tour, you should include theses destinations on your list.

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  1. Try to Hike in Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Georgia. This gorge is two miles long and 1,000 feet deep. People often call it the Tallulah Gorgeous for its magnificent beauty. The most interesting fact is that Georgia state park is adjacent to it. It features ample space for hiking and biking, suspension bridge with 80 feet height, and six waterfalls that make the river to drop to 500 feet for one mile. You will need to go there early to get the permit for a hike though and they don’t let you do it during water releases period.

  1. Playing and Enjoying Concert in Centennial Park Fountain

Centennial Park Fountain, Georgia

Even though this place is not so popular among tourists, it is a legendary spot for the locals. This is a perfect place to hang out with your friends or family. You can literally play all day long in this place without the need to find anything outside the park. The most interesting part of this park is the local concert schedule. There are brown bag concerts held in this place, and many of them are really awesome.

  1. Shopping Baked Goods in Holt’s Bakery

Holt’s Bakery, Georgia

It can be a little odd, but this place is one of the most popular Georgia tourist attractions ever. People come for so many places, often far and wide places from there, to take a taste on the bakery famous donuts. It tastes so soft and savory at the same time, leaving you with the sweetest and nicest taste ever. Of course, there are serious rivals around the neighborhood, but their baked goods are legendary, you can miss it.

  1. Retreating in Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island, Georgia

This is a great place to free you from the busy traffic and city life. This island will soon make you feel like the beach is your own private beach. Once you step off the ferry boat, you will see a quiet and tranquil beach. Walk deeper in the island, you will find ancient tress twist to each other, and the sky is clear. The wild horses and ancient turtles complete the entire lush vegetations. It is so original and relaxing.

  1. Exploring in Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta Beltline, Georgia

This can sound random a little but it is totally fun. Atlanta Beltline is the gem of the city and it has a lot of things to offer. To get the best experience and fun, you should rent a bike to look around. You should be aware, there is tight competition among tourists to get the bike. But once you get it, you can see the art in the neighborhood, and just play at the playground and meet new families on tour.

  1. Dine in Mr. Wilkes Dining Room

Mr. Wilkes Dining Room, Georgia

If you need suggestion for a dining place while planning a trip to Georgia, you definitely need to include Mr. Wilkes Dining Room on the list. This place has been in active operation since 1943 and it has been declared as one of the best place to get the best Southern food, from homemade fried chicken and stewed okra. This is a perfect place for authentic meals and for family dinner as it allows you to grandma-cooking taste.

  1. Wine Tasting in Montaluce Winery

Montaluce Winery, Georgia

This is one of the most popular places in many lists of where to visit in Georgia. This winery offers the most amazing view of the Georgia North Mountains and the vineyards alone. Obviously, you will find artisanal and fresh wine, natural space for hiking, deluxe wine tasting event, incredibly great tour, and great holiday festivities. Just tip, you must dine in the restaurant to taste the amazing food and don’t forget to get a case of the wine.

  1. Camping in Denton Branch Falls

Denton Branch Falls, Georgia

There are many camping sites in Georgia, but this one is totally worth the try. First, you will camp not far from the Denton Branch Falls, which means you will be in a remote and natural space. You will get not only fresh air but also great scene, clear water, and everything far from the city ambience. Not far from the spot, just down the road, you should find Sandy Bottom Campground, which makes a perfect place for public camping as well.

  1. Having Lunch in Butt Hut BBQ

Butt Hutt BBQ, Georgia

This is not one of the common tourist places in Georgia, but tourists should really try their barbeques. This place is often considered as the Holy Grail of barbeque in South, offering the tenderest and juicy meats coated with their sweet and melting signature barbeque sauces. Price is fair enough for the taste and texture, and you will not regret it. Toss it with buns and their fries, and you will get the most incredible lunch ever. The locals come here every day so you are going to face a long line for the barbeque.

  1. Touring in Wormsloe Plantation

Wormsloe Plantation, Georgia

Honestly, this is one of the most legendary tourism spot you will ever visit. This historic site occupies 882 acre of land, offering the most breath-taking view of picturesque oak line in 1.5 mile length of avenue with somehow romantic nuance on it. This site has awful slavery background history yet the ruins of fortified home will add different atmosphere on the tour. Noble Jones constructed the fortified house, leaving the ruins as museum and best display of the 1700 daily life to us. This is a perfect place for a tour for adult tourists yet kids will not enjoy it very much.

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