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10 Best Weekend Getaways in Melbourne 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Places to Visit in Melbourne on Weekend

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria is one of the most popular and most magnificent tourist destinations in Australia. There are so many amazing places to visit in Melbourne and each and every one of them will give you unforgettable holiday experience. If you only have limited time in Melbourne, it means you need to carefully choose where you want to go. Here are some of the greatest places in Melbourne that you definitely cannot miss.

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1. Get Some Entertainment at Federation Square

Federation Square Melbourne

Federation Square is located in Flinders Street and it was built in 2002 to commemorate the founding of the federation. Its distinct and bold architectural plan is the main characteristic of the building in Federation Square. Even though it is built to commemorate a historical event, it is not a museum. It is a house of thousands interesting events, art galleries as well as the infamous Australian Center for the Moving Image. With more than two thousand events hold every year in this square, there will always be something to see and enjoy in this place.

2. Shop ‘til Drop in Queen Victoria’s Market

Queen Victoria’s Market Melbourne

Australia is famous for its fresh farm and dairy product. And if you want to give a taste of Melbourne’s local ingredients, you should head to Queen Victoria’s Market. Fresh produce and local delicacies is its specialty. But in this place, you can also find stalls selling toys, souvenirs, handmade crafts and even some fashion product. This is a popular place for both the locals and the tourists. So, if you are ready to beat the crowd, this market can be the best shopping destination.

3. Tour the City with Melbourne City Circle Tram

Melbourne City Circle Tram

If you have no idea where to visit in Melbourne and where you should go next, just jump to the city circle tram to get some inspiration. This tram is provided for tourist and the good news is, it is totally free! The tram starts in Flinders Street and it will take you around Melbourne, passing some of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions, and ends up at Flinders Street again. In the tram, you will hear some commentaries about the places you are passing so you can decide which one you want to visit.

4. Fly to the Sky in Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Melbourne

There are not many cities that allow a balloon flight. But Melbourne is one of the places where you can do it so you should not miss this chance. It is a rare opportunity to fly and witness Melbourne and Yarra Ville’s beauty from above. One hour flight usually cost around $400 for adults and $350 for children. There are many balloon flight providers in Melbourne so you can find this service anywhere. The flight always starts very early in the morning so make sure you can wake up early.

5. Take a Stroll in Melbourne’s Laneways

Melbourne’s Laneways

Melbourne is very famous for the laneways around the CBD and Flinders Street. This unique alley ways is filled with shops selling quirky art stuff, restaurant and clothing store. But this place is not only a place for shopping. You can also find small theaters, and even arcade. Wandering the street alone will be very fun. But if you need someone to show the way, you can find many tour guide in the area.

6. Play with Penguin in Phillip’s Island

Phillip’s Island Australia

Planning a trip to Melbourne will be incomplete if you don’t include this place in your itinerary. Little kids love penguins. So, if you travel to Melbourne with your kids, you should go to Phillip’s Island. This astonishing island is only two hours away from central Melbourne and it is a home for hundreds of penguin colonies. You must go the beach during the sunset because this is when the magic begins. During this hour, you can witness cute little penguins run back to the shore, making their journey home. Definitely not a view you can see every day.

7. Cruising Together in Yarra River

Yarra River Melbourne

The tram and hot air balloon are not the only ways to go around Melbourne. After tackling the land and the air, you need to explore the river. Hire a boat cruise and take a romantic journey with your loved ones along the Yarra River. If you are interested in this activity, go to Southbank and you will find many boat cruise being parked along the river.

8. Say Hello to Penguin (Again) at Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is one of the best educational tourist places in Melbourne. This 2.2 million liter aquarium is a home for hundreds of exotic and unique aquatic animals in Australia. If you are still craving to see other penguins even after visiting Phillip Island, this is the place you should go. You can find Gentoo penguins here, a completely different species with the ones you see in Phillip’s Island. This aquarium is open from 9.30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Take a tourist tram and you will arrive right in front of the Melbourne Aquarium.

9. Discover the Best Wine Products in Yarra Wineries

Yarra Valley Melbourne

Yarra Valley is famous for its beautiful green scenery. It is also the most well-known wineries in Australia. This place produces the best wine in the continent and you will be lucky if you can witness how the wine is made and even taste some of the best products there. You can have a nice meal here where the experts will personally choose a wine and provide best food pairing for you.

10. Watch Melbourne from the top at Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck Melbourne

Melbourne’s tourist attractions will never stop to drop your jaw. If hot air balloon is too intimidating for you, you can still see the beauty of Melbourne from the top by visiting Eureka tower. From the highest floor of Eureka Tower, you can board a very thrilling glass box called The Edge. Everything is made of glass, including the floor. The box will slide out from the tower and you can see Melbourne right under your feet. This is fun, but definitely not for people with phobia of heights.

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