10 Best Weekend Getaways in Sydney 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 Best Places to Visit in Sydney on Weekend

If you are planning a trip to Australia, you must visit Sydney. It is an essential place for everyone who wants to experience an amazing holiday. Sydney is known for its distinctive personality like architecture, skyline, harbor, iconic landmarks, botanic gardens, and many more.

This vibrant city is full of must see locations, which will captivate and astound you. Surely you do not want to miss some of the best world features. So, here’s the list of the places!

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1. Enjoy Modern Architecture Scenery at Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is obviously one of the tourist attractions. It is the iconic landmark of the city, which is famous for its architectural design. The specific design of the building is like shells or billowing sails. Perhaps, for that reason, UNESCO decided to make Sydney Opera House as World Heritage Site. Tourists can book a tour to get insights about behind the scenes project of this building and the history. The tours are available around 9 am to 5 pm.

2. The Magnificent Sea Life at Sidney Aquarium

One of the places to visit in Sydney is Sydney Aquarium. This place consists of 5 different habitat of Australian ocean. In this place, tourists will be able to walk and then explore the diversity of aquatic life in Australian ocean. Sydney aquarium is a home for thousands of fresh and salt water fishes, tropical and cold fishes, mammals and more. Animals like giant sea turtles, various kinds of sharks, and giant stingrays are on display along the way. Children are able to see the feeding session, which will be fun to watch.

3. Sight Seeing at Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens is themed gardens, which keep thousands of plants including 1800 roses, palm groves, orchids, towering trees, rare and also threatened plants, fruits bats, and ferns. Tourists can also have hillside picnic with their beloved ones. These gardens are surrounded by famous places where people usually hold events. From Botanic Royal Gardens, tourists can also see the Government House.

4. Take Pleasure in the Government House

The Sydney’s Government House is well preserved and maintained since 1846. The building itself has colonial style and it is located near Botanic Garden. It is decorated with outstanding paintings and equipped by crafted furniture that boosts the look of the place. Additionally, this house is also surrounded by superb gardens, which will astound the visitors. Some public events like festivals, lectures, concerts, symposia, exhibitions, and so forth have also been held in this place. This place offers refreshing view as well as tranquility and peace.

5. Wander at the Famous King Cross

Where to visit in Australia? Well, King Cross is a perfect place to go. Local people call it The Cross. In this location, tourists will see a large Coca Cola billboard at the intersection. This intersection is also called the Gateway to the Cross. This place has been known as the red light capital and the drug of Australia. Lately this place has become more vibrant. There are topless waitresses, strip clubs, tacky nightclubs, and even adult bookshops. The best time to visit the Cross is at night where tourists are welcomed by bright lights.

6. Looking at the Sights of Sidney through Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in the city. It reaches to 309 m and it is located on Market Streets. This towers has 4 sections, 3 sections of the structure is occupied by Tower Dining. One is a restaurant that gives an outstanding view of the city. There is also Tower Buffet that offers banquet style dining. Tower Eye brings tourists to the highest point, which has 360 degree outstanding views. From this place people can see harbor city and Blue Mountains.

7. Let’s Have Picnic at Hyde Park

This park is a sprawling lawn which has fountains, flowers, fig trees, and also picnic spot. This place has similar name to the park in London, Hyde Park. In this place, tourists can see bronze Archibald Fountain. It is build to honor the alliance between Australia and France in World War I. The Queen Squares consists of 3 Georgian buildings and they are the Supreme Court, Hyde Park Barracks, and also St James Church. This park is now use for historical museum of Sydney. It portrays the involuntary settler’s life.

8. Shopping at Queen Victoria Building

One of the best tourist places in Sydney is Queen Victoria Building. This particular place is known as the shopping center in Sydney. This place has Romanesque style and there are underground arcades that link with the Town Hall Station. Tourists can find around 200 shop lines with its tempting galleries. This place is highly recommended, not merely for shopping, but also to admire the architecture. This place open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm; meanwhile, on Sunday, this place open from 11 am to 5 am.

9. Get Some Sun at Sydney Beaches

There are famous beaches in Sydney. These beaches are around the harbor. For tourists who want to visit the beaches, they can drive for about 15 minutes from the city. Here, tourists can visit the famous Bondi Beach. For those who want to get fantastic view of the ocean can go to Cooge. Another beach to visit is Cronulla, Maroubra, Bronte, and Tamarama. Additionally, there is also tourists and local people’s seaside destination, which is famous by the name Manly. Only 30 minutes ride with ferry from the city. Here tourists will find ocean pool, beachfront promenade, and exquisite shops.

10. Up close and Personal with the Animals at Taronga Zoo

The Taronga Zoo is famous for its exotic wild life. Tourists can also enjoy the outstanding view of Sydney Skyline. In this zoo, people can encounter Koala, Lemur, Giraffe, and many more. This zoo is opened ever day from 9.30 am to 5 pm from September to April; meanwhile, from May to August this zoo opens from 9.30 am to 4.40 pm.

Generally, there are many great locations in Sydney Australia for tourists and local people. So, what are you waiting for, go get exciting adventures and unforgettable experience in Sydney.

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