Niagara Falls, Toronto

10 Best Weekend Getaways in Toronto 2018 – and Things You Can Do There

10 best places to visit in Toronto 2018 with Your Beloved Ones

Do you know that Toronto is one of the best places to visits in Canada? This city has many tourists attractions. It is Canada’s largest city, which offers people entertainment district including musical performances. It is a metropolitan city, but also offers historic distillery district and art performances. Toronto has over 100 cultures which are represented in its people. Some people even find several similarities of this city with New York. Here’s the list of must see places!

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1. Admiring the Famous CN Towers’ Modern Architectural Design

CN Towers, Toronto

CN Tower is the perfect place to enjoy the whole city. This particular tower has been classified as the Wonders of the Modern World. There is 1 or 2 observations level in this tower for visitors. For those who love thrills, the Edge Walk is recommended since it reaches 1.168 feet from the ground and only 1.5 m wide. Visitors can also see from the famous glass floor which is 1.122 feet high. This tower is built for broadcasting, but now it is opened for public. One of the view that visitor can see from this tower is Niagara Falls.

2. Educational Trip at Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

This museum has an international reputation due to the numbers of interesting displays such as Canadian and natural histories, world cultures, ancient Egypt, and even information about dinosaurs. Children and educators are going to love this place. It provides knowledge about earth’s biodiversity. It presents around 30 fossils of mammal and also 166 fossils of non mammalian. Visitors are challenge to visit Bat Cave, which offers thorough insights about this particular night creature. This museum is highly recommended since it is now considered as the most beautiful museum in the world.

3. Experience the Sense of Olympic at Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre, Toronto

Rogers centre is large sports arena. This place can accommodate thousands of people. It uses as the venue for any sport including football, and also baseball. Visitor can witness behind the scene facility and get full experience of Blue Jay game. This place also presents animated people or audience that consists of one of kind sculptures. Each sculpture has different story and in addition to sport, baseball fans will learn about baseball team and history in Toronto.

4. Enjoy the Romantic Grandeur of Casa Loma

Casa Loma, Toronto

If you are planning a trip to Canada, you should definitely visit Casa Loma. This castle has almost 100 rooms. Here, visitors will be able to enjoy carriage room, stables, and also gardens. It has fountains, sculptures perennial borders and many more. In this place, visitors can explore the design of each room starting from the towers, suites, and even secret passage. Below the stable, visitor can find around 800 foot tunnel. There are posters of Hollywood films which were shot in this castle as well as antique cars. It is just a perfect place to go back in time.

5. Witness the Natural Habitat of Protective Animals at Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo, Toronto

This zoo has collection of thousands animals. There are protective animals that become the main attractions of the zoo. This particular zoo is divided into several zones. Interestingly each zone represents major regions in the world. The great Barrier is one of the favorites since it is the home of seahorses and moon jellies. Visitors are going to witness the life of panda, Bison Park, grizzly bear, and polarium. There is also the protected African penguin and Nassir, the little gorilla. Children has special zone, which is the Kids Zoo. In this zone, they can interact with rabbits, goats, and many more.

6. Looking at the Blend of Historical and Contemporary Life at Toronto’s Entertainment District

Toronto’s Entertainment District

In this district, visitors can take pleasure of seeing the blend of historical buildings, which was built during the Victorian industrial era, and the contemporary shopping places. Visitors can visit theater productions that offer the latest musical, performing art, and concert. It is also the home of shoppers. There are local products and handcrafted commodities. Learn and admire the historic architecture there. You can also take picture next to a giant spider made of steel. If you are tired, you can sit and drink Soma chocolate.

7. See the Romanesque Revival Marvelous Design at Old Hall

Old Hall, Toronto

Another place in the list on where to visit in Canada is Old Hall. This hall is considered as National Historic Site. The hall has amazing inside and out design. Visitors can see the famous the tower of 300 foot clock. There is also a man made pond that becomes famous and favorite place for skating during winter. This building was originally functioned as courthouse. But, it is now opened for public. There are statues of bronze beasts that are recommended for visitors.

8. Take a Stroll along the Toronto Water front

Toronto Water front

Toronto is considered as Giant Park with beautiful scenery. The waterfront in Toronto is home for nature as well as modernity. Here, visitors will be able to explore the view from Rouge River to Lake Ontario. Experience Sugar Beach’s warm weather and take a stroll to enjoy boardwalk scenery. The culinary experience is also recommended since it serves great food. Go to Scarborough Bluff to get the breathtaking view of shoreline. Don’t forget to visit the symphony garden or known as Music Garden.

9. Niagara Falls: the Up Close and Personal Trip to the Famous Waterfall

Niagara Falls, Toronto

About 12.000 years ago, Niagara Falls was formed by retreating glacier. The falls are located about 75 miles from Toronto’s south southeast. Visitors are recommended to board on the famous boat of Maid of the Mist. There is also a lifetime opportunity for international tourists who want to get up close and personal with the falls. They can experience the tropical storm like condition and also go to observation towers to see the great scenery of Canada.

10. Endless Sight Seeing at Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands

One of the most recommended tourist places in Toronto is Toronto islands. The islands were formed due to a storm that happened in 1858. In the islands, people can visit amusement park, enjoy dick golf, or fishing. Just get on a ferry and go around the islands, the breathtaking scenery is unforgettable. Visitors can also rent bike or boat, and canoe or kayak. It offers many kinds of recreational activities and perfect for all members of family. So, which place that attracts you the most? Don’t be hesitate to go and get the experience right away!

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